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Getting a Dental Check Up

I hate the idea of missing work and of barely being able to think anything because of severe toothache. What could be worse than not being able to dine at the best breakfast in Brunswick, your lovely hometown, all because you were too lazy for what-might-have-been a speedy dental check-up?

I had been that kind of person, that negligent and too-busy-too-care kind of person. I know that dental health is important, theoretically. I just didn’t know how crucial it really is until I’ve had my first taste of an agonizing pain due to a worse case of tooth decay.

I was so glad I found my way to one of the most sought-after dental clinics in Brunswick– My Dental Group. It has the most accommodating staff with state-of-the-art facilities. The root canal I had which was recommended by the dentist I’ve talked to was done with utmost finesse and accuracy. If you have a particular dental need, I suggest you choose from their wide range of dental services. From the newest Invisalign treatment to the traditional tooth extraction method, they have it. Reason why, many patients love so many things about My Dental Group including their stringent inspection protocols prior to conducting any operation or recommending any treatment. If you want to learn more about this, visit www.mydentalgroup.com.au or you may give them a call if you want.

Just to give you a brief overview, among others, the clinic offers root canal treatments, fillings, tooth extractions, fissure sealants, crowns, bridges, removable dentures, teeth aligners (braces), implants, onlays and inlays. For optimum dental appearance, there are cosmetic procedures for you including Invisalign (in lieu of the metal braces), advanced teeth whitening (Zoom whitening), and veneers.

If you’re clueless about what you want, I suggest you consult with them. You can trust them with your deepest, darkest dental secret.

As for my case, my chronic dental pain due to rotten tooth was now fully resolved. One lesson to learn here is to act immediately. Do not wait until the pain becomes intolerable or the decay is at its worst before you start regularly checking with your dentist.

Learn from my mistakes. I will share a few reasons why you should persist in your dental check-ups.

Having regular dental check-ups will save you money in the long run. Dental health is as important as your medical health, and so you should be willing to invest. I learn this the hard way, and so do some people. Others just seem to delay dental check-ups primarily because of lack of time and lack of money. Little did they know, that the increments of money invested in regular dental consultations and treatments are only minimal compared to the one-time big time cost if you remain adamant. Not to mention the hassle and the risk of complications.

Second, you should persevere in your dental visits because it allows you to be stress free and be more productive in the long run. Take it from me, tooth decay or bleeding gums will add burden to your life. There will be days when you will miss out a day of income or miss out Brunswick breakfasts with friends because you’re sulking in your room with a cold compress on your cheek. I should know all these horrors because I have been there myself. You should be wiser. Have a quick consultation now with My Dental Group clinic. You don’t need to worry since unlike other dentists, they won’t coerce you into availing treatments unless you consent to.

Third, your confidence is at stake if you insist on staying away from dental clinics. Mind you, that tiny black spot on the enamel of your front tooth can become the talk of your office. Your stinking breath can endanger your executive position. Your heavily misaligned teeth, your underbite, can lead to sleep apnea. Your health will be compromised, and so do your esteem. I guess I need not emphasize the long list of negative consequences of poor dental hygiene then.

Although you may have fears and worries, those things are perfectly understandable and they should not hinder you from seeking help from highly competent dental practitioners. If you want safer ways to optimum dental health, you should take my advice and book an appointment with My Dental Group. Even the kids love the doctors at this clinic. They are that gentle, at the same time, highly skilled.

Now that I’ve just mentioned why you need to see your dentist regularly, I might as well add a few pointers as to what you should look for in a dentist. First and foremost, you should prioritize dental expertise. Are they newbies or seasoned? Did they have former customer complaints on several cases of dental malpractice? You should be able to ask yourself these questions, so you would not end up wasting your money and endangering your health.

You can further filter your decision by also checking on the clinic’s list of services and their corresponding prices. An ideal dentist must be someone who understands the need for good dental services but flexible enough to allow you staggered payments. He can very well do so by tailor-fitting your treatment plan.

Also, you need to look for a warm and friendly dentist without of course compromising his expertise. Personality counts in the service industry. It’s part of the payment, and so you should be able to find that one dentist you feel comfortable with.

The insights I have provided here may sound quite personal. The great thing though, they are more realistic and highly encouraging. I have experienced the burden of expending huge amount of money for my treatment, of missing out several days of economic opportunities, of bailing out on good parties, and of risking my fragile self-esteem all because I did not see the relevance of regular dental check-ups. You should not do the same. You should be wiser than me now.

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