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Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

Routine tweezing or hair shaving can be cumbersome for most women – which is why statistics show that around 82 percent of women want to get laser hair removal. What’s stopping them?

Well, the thought of possible side effects is one of the primary reasons for the delay as most women think that laser increases their risk of getting skin cancer.

How true is this belief?

Laser Hair Removal and Cancer 

The straightforward answer is – no, laser hair removal cannot cause skin cancer because it does not contain ultraviolet rays. These UV rays are emitted by the sun and this is the main reason why we use sunblock when outdoors for long periods of time.

In fact, some forms of cancer are treated through laser during its early stages. Hence, there’s no fear of developing tumors because of this particular cosmetic procedure.

The risk is still low despite the fact that the procedure needs several sessions in order to be effective. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle and essentially deactivating it.

Once the follicle has been deactivated, hair growth would immediately stop in that particular area. Often, successful deactivation would occur within 4 to 6 sessions done in a course of weeks.

What About Pain? 

The session itself is NOT painful. Afterwards however, there will be some discomfort – which is perfectly natural. The sensation is a lot like sunburn, but without the harmful UV rays.

Possible Side Effects of Hair Removal through Laser 

Now, while there’s no chance of having cancer through laser hair removal, this doesn’t mean that there are no side effects of the procedure. If you’re considering going through the process, I strongly recommend that you read through the possible side effects:


This happened to me and is actually perfectly normal. After all, the laser treatment damaged the follicles of the hair so it’s perfectly natural that my body reacts to it through tingling or tenderness of the targeted area.

It doesn’t last long however and should be gone after a few days. This is why laser treatment sessions are done in intervals – to give the skin time to recover for the next session. Topical cream will be given to manage the symptom.

Crusting Issue

Another inconvenience is the crust formed on the treated area. You’ll need to cover that patch of skin for a few days – and try not to pick on the crust!

I find that it’s best to let them fall off by themselves and just apply a moisturizer to keep the surrounding skin hydrated.


This could happen – which is why it’s often best to test out a small patch of skin first before addressing a larger area. Antibiotic cream is often prescribed if an infection does occur.

Skin Color Changes

It could happen but it’s completely temporary. People with darker coloring can have lighter patches of skin on the target area or vice versa. Over time however, the skin goes back to its normal hue.

Eye Problem

Laser is a strong beam of light – staring at it can make you feel like you’ve been blinded for a few seconds. This is why protective covering is always worn by both the patient and the doctor.

As mentioned, all these side effects are temporary, common, and mild. However, there are instances when the side effect is a bit more serious.

For example, you might experience burns and blisters on the skin surface. If not treated properly, it can also lead to scarring.

This is why I always encourage women to seek out experienced doctors to do the job. Make sure to find out their background and quiz them about their practices before opting for any procedure.

Final Word

Would I recommend that you undergo laser hair removal? With the right practitioner to perform the job, it’s a definite yes. There’s something about a smooth patch of skin that just makes me feel more feminine.

If you’re unsure, start with just a small area like your underarms and never worry about wearing sleeveless clothes ever again.