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Why Hiring An Office Cleaning Company Is A Must

Nobody likes a dirty office. I personally can’t work when it’s dusty, dingy, and unorganized everywhere. Research has also shown that an untidy office can lead to lower productivity levels which greatly affects how a business makes a profit. However, tidying up yourself is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have to do it every other day.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaning Provider

Hiring commercial cleaning in Moonee Ponds area may be one of the simplest yet best things you can ever do for your company. Here is why:

1. Boosts productivity

As mentioned earlier, a clean office can boost productivity. Why? It’s because it helps your mind feel clean. Just imagine having an overflowing trash can beside your cubicle, a bunch of scrap papers on the side of your desk, and a few unarranged seats, scattered around the office.

All the clutter and disorganization will prevent your mind from thinking clearly. It might even give you a hard time knowing where relevant office materials and equipment are if they are not organized properly.

A commercial cleaning company can help you declutter your mind by arranging all office supplies and equipment just before you arrive.

2. Keeps morale high

When the place is clean, you will notice that people are friendlier and more approachable. Suddenly, your boss is not hammering you about an email sent a month ago or a deliverable that was already cancelled.

To add to that, a clean office makes people feel that the management cares for their well-being. This small gesture goes a long way when it comes to creating culture in your company.

3. Saves money

It sounds like an added expense but if you think about the hours you have to spend asking each employee to clean twice a week, that’s also a lot of money. While you can always require each employee to clean their own workspace, you can hardly require them to do the same for common areas. Let’s be practical, asking a manager to spend an hour cleaning is a waste of their valuable time and your company’s money.

4. Regularly done

Another reason why hiring an outsourced office cleaning company is better is it can be regularly done. Depending on your contract, the cleaning company can work there every day or go there once or twice a week to do major cleaning.

At least with someone paid to do it, your office will be regularly cleaned. You no longer have to remind everyone every single time.

5. Hassle-free

Do you want to clean every day? I don’t. Surely, I am not the only one who feels the same way. With a cleaning company, you don’t have to think (and hate) about cleaning.

With a cleaning company, it’s like a huge chore will be lifted from each employee’s shoulders. Aside from it not being their primary function, employees are not trained to clean certain stains, scratches, and the like. Figuring out how to tidy up a place will just be a hassle for everyone.

6. Gives a great first impression

Lastly, the advantage of having a hired office cleaning company is you can always make a good first impression. If an unexpected visitor drops by, you won’t be worried that the chairs are not arranged or the trash from yesterday wasn’t thrown out.

When your office is always clean and polished, visitors, suppliers, and investors will be impressed by how you take maintaining your company seriously. You have no idea how big an effect this can be in their impression of you.

Hopefully, these 6 reasons are sufficient to convince you that your company badly needs a cleaning outsource. Sure, it sounds expensive at first but when you think about the benefits, consider the cost balanced out.

And if you will notice, these benefits aren’t just limited to cost savings. They are also plus points to your company culture and initiatives.

How I Got Rid of My Tech Neck

It seems that pain comes with aging. As I was approaching my 45th birthday, I experienced pain on my neck. At first, it was just a slight throb but when then started to give me sleepless nights and interfered with my work, I began to worry. But then I reminded myself this could not be life-threatening. Actually, there were no visible signs of what was causing the problem. Since there were days that my neck did not bother me, I considered it just part of my getting old.

Trial and Error Solutions

Thinking that rubbing liniment on my neck can cause the pain, I tried all kinds with the hope of getting relief. I even resorted to herbal medicine but to no avail. Even massaging the area had no effect anymore. During the last months that I was searching for a cure for my neck pain, I could no longer count with my fingers the oils and liniments I used and the pills supposed to give pain relief. But there was never a long-lasting cure. I get a few nights of uninterrupted sleep but not for weeks or months.

A Twist of Fate

One day, I visited a friend in Footscray, Victoria for a few days. On my second day with her, she asked me why she caught me several times moving my neck from side to side. I told her about my neck pain. She then told me about the Physio in Footscray and how it specializes in dealing with body pains, including neck pains. I was a little bit skeptical about going to a physiotherapist. I never had any injury on my neck that I could remember. I believe this was just an ordinary pain. Besides, I have this belief that therapy programs are expensive and several sessions are needed before one can get results. But my friend would not listen to my excuses. In the end, I found myself sitting in the waiting room of Footscray Clinic.

The Truth About My Neck

When I was called to the examination room, I was confident that there is nothing serious with my affliction. The doctor asked a lot of questions about previous injuries and about my job. I told him that I am a writer and I usually spend my waking hours in front of my computer. The doctor’s eyes lit up but when I told him I have been writing for almost half of my 45 years on earth, he looked worried. He told me that actually, I am suffering from a Tech Neck, or neck pain caused by maintaining a certain position while staring on one’s mobile phone screen or on the monitor of one’s computer.

Unbelievable But True

The doctor explained to me that looking down on my computer’s monitor might have caused the pain. According to him, as I strain my neck to look down on my computer screen. The unnatural angle I adapted can strain the muscles and give me pain. I realized what he said was true with regards to my looking down on my screen for long periods. I usually work for hours without taking a break because doing so might disrupt my train of thought and I would forget what to write next. I had been doing this for years but why is it that I got the problem just several months ago?

The doctor explained that this prolonged position has affected my cervical spine or neck. It might have curved down after long years of looking down and because of this, it might be difficult to remedy. The pain will become more intense as days pass by.

What I Must Do

The doctor advised me to undergo therapy at the clinic. I told him I’ll think it over first. I did some research on the danger of having tech neck for long and the prospect seems grim. If left untreated, it can result to shrinking of the discs on the spine. When space is almost closed, the pressure causes the pain. Other signs of this condition are the pain on the shoulders, headache, and painful and trembling hands. 

A Decision Made

I spent the remaining days of my visit with my friend thinking about what the doctor said. I realized that I was not prepared for a lifetime of pain so the next day, I talked it over with my friend. Well, I never had a real vacation all my working life because wherever I go, I always have my laptop with me. Maybe this is the time for me to have the rest I denied myself for so many years.

The doctor told me that because my case is not yet advanced, it might take fewer therapy sessions to remedy it. True to his word, the pain was almost gone after a few weeks. Now I bought a laptop table and chair that gives me a good view of the screen without looking down. Indeed, that visit to Footscray, Victoria, was a blessing.

Health Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit

healthyIf you have heard the proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ and know the exact meaning, you would know its value. Some people will have lots of wealth but worry due to their health condition. It is possible to conquer wealth by any means, but when you do not care about your body, it is hard to get back the healthy life. There are numerous ways you can safeguard your health and remain fit. Here in this blog, let us discuss some simple ways to maintain a healthy life.

Water: It is the most important fluid to the body. If you drink at least two liters of water a day, you can easily stay away from harmful diseases. Most people forget to drink water. They will drink only after eating their food. They may feel thirsty but due to work and other commitment, they may skip drinking water. It is better to take small sips rather than drinking a whole lot at one time. You have to keep drinking and not only when you feel thirsty. The feeling of thirsty means dehydration. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea should not be considered as water intake. It is best to drink water sprinkled with lemon juice in the early morning. It helps to remove bad toxins that have settled in your body.

Exercise: Exercise is a healthy habit that people of all age groups should follow. Some people will think that working out in the gymnasium is the only way to exercise. But that is not the only option. You can do any form of activities like walking, skipping, jogging, playing, or even perform household activities. You have to keep your body in motion and sweat the toxins out from your body.

When the toxins get excreted through sweat, you can live a long and healthy life. In the present scenario, people sit in front of television or computer and do not have time to take care of their body. It is the reason to experience various medical conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, imbalance cholesterol, obesity and much more.

If you do not feel like working out in the gym, you can join in a dance class, aerobic class or even yoga class. When you join with people who are a member of these clubs, you will automatically get a feeling to indulge in activities and stay fit and healthy.

Healthy breakfast: It has become a fashion to skip breakfast. Remember, breakfast occupies the most important meals of a day. It should not be skipped as it can result in serious consequences. Ensure to eat healthy and nutritious rich breakfast. It is recommended to add fruit to your breakfast. It can be heavy with yogurt or fruit salad. The dinner should not be heavy. Most people follow the opposite.

Eat more greens: When you have your dinner, ensure there are enough salad and vegetables spread on your table. The green vegetables help to make you look smarter and younger. It contains a lot of antioxidants that is essential for your body.