Myotherapy: What It Is and Its Many Benefits

I have to admit that this global pandemic has been very stressful and has affected my overall health. One thing I learned the hard way is to practise self-care to overcome the stressors in life.

I’m glad that I discovered myotherapy as a way to relieve anxiety and stress. I have been dealing with anxiety attacks and body pains recently, and a friend suggested I try myotherapy at Northern Myotherapy Melbourne.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a form of therapy that treats or prevents pain related to soft tissue injuries and constrained joint movement. A myotherapist will use trigger point release and other techniques to alleviate muscle pain.

Trigger points are sensitive areas in the muscle that cause pain when overstimulated or injured. The therapist will relieve muscle pains by using unique massage methods using hands, fingers, knuckles, or elbows.

Benefits of Myotherapy

Though myotherapy is just a fairly new specialisation, its effectiveness has been proven by many people. I, for one, can attest to its efficacy. Below are some of the benefits of myotherapy.

  1. Stress and Anxiety Relief

Massage is an effective way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Massage therapy can lower cortisol levels and increase dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. The special massage techniques used in myotherapy can also help in decreasing diastolic blood pressure and hypertension. Now I understand why most treatment programs often include massage to help reduce both emotional and physical stress.

  1. Reduce Muscle Soreness

Myotherapy can help in releasing tight muscular trigger points. There are some specific stretches done in the therapy that helps in lengthening and rebuilding stiff muscles. Massage can also help in increasing blood flow to the muscle tissues, which allows them to heal faster.

  1. Relief in Cancer Pain

Cancer pain can eat away the quality of life among cancer patients, especially those at the end-of-life phase. Myotherapy is a safe intervention that can be effectively used in pain management.

  1. Prevent Unnecessary Surgery

In many cases, doctors always advise surgery to treat an injury when surgery should actually be the last resort. Myotherapy can help heal injuries naturally and may not necessitate any surgery in the long run.

  1. Improve Quality of Sleep

Trouble sleeping is a common problem for many, and even I suffered from this. I often catch myself tossing and turning at night due to backaches, muscle pains, stress, headaches, or anxiety. I noticed that after a few sessions of myotherapy, I was able to sleep better.

  1. Aid in Exercise

We must keep our body in check when we are doing exercise. Exercise breaks down muscle fibres and need time to rebuild over. Myotherapy can help us recover and build strength again and may prevent injury.

  1. Increase Productivity

Body pains can make the body slow down. They can drain the body and mind quickly, making it hard to concentrate on work. My productivity suffers when I feel something off in my body. Myotherapy can help reduce the pain that will enable me to do my job better and more efficiently.

What conditions can benefit from myotherapy?

Myotherapy can help treat conditions that affect muscles and soft tissues, such as sports injury, posture pain, overuse injury, muscle sprain, backache, joint pain, cervicogenic headache, and overuse injury.

What to expect from it?

A myotherapist will first assess the symptoms and medical history of a patient. After the evaluation, the myotherapist will examine the injured area and do physical checkups to know what is causing the pain.

Some of the techniques they may use in treatment are massage, ultrasound, passive stretching, dry needling, and trigger point therapy. If they suspect that a muscle problem is not causing the pain, the patient will be referred to a different health practitioner.

Myotherapy may be a newer treatment approach, but there is no denying that it has helped me treat and manage pain caused by muscle problems. Keeping our bodies in check during this stressful time will make a lot of difference in the quality of our lives.

Let us not underestimate the power of massage and the benefits that it can do to our bodies. Let a myotherapist handle your problem.

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

Routine tweezing or hair shaving can be cumbersome for most women – which is why statistics show that around 82 percent of women want to get laser hair removal. What’s stopping them?

Well, the thought of possible side effects is one of the primary reasons for the delay as most women think that laser increases their risk of getting skin cancer.

How true is this belief?

Laser Hair Removal and Cancer 

The straightforward answer is – no, laser hair removal cannot cause skin cancer because it does not contain ultraviolet rays. These UV rays are emitted by the sun and this is the main reason why we use sunblock when outdoors for long periods of time.

In fact, some forms of cancer are treated through laser during its early stages. Hence, there’s no fear of developing tumors because of this particular cosmetic procedure.

The risk is still low despite the fact that the procedure needs several sessions in order to be effective. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle and essentially deactivating it.

Once the follicle has been deactivated, hair growth would immediately stop in that particular area. Often, successful deactivation would occur within 4 to 6 sessions done in a course of weeks.

What About Pain? 

The session itself is NOT painful. Afterwards however, there will be some discomfort – which is perfectly natural. The sensation is a lot like sunburn, but without the harmful UV rays.

Possible Side Effects of Hair Removal through Laser 

Now, while there’s no chance of having cancer through laser hair removal, this doesn’t mean that there are no side effects of the procedure. If you’re considering going through the process, I strongly recommend that you read through the possible side effects:


This happened to me and is actually perfectly normal. After all, the laser treatment damaged the follicles of the hair so it’s perfectly natural that my body reacts to it through tingling or tenderness of the targeted area.

It doesn’t last long however and should be gone after a few days. This is why laser treatment sessions are done in intervals – to give the skin time to recover for the next session. Topical cream will be given to manage the symptom.

Crusting Issue

Another inconvenience is the crust formed on the treated area. You’ll need to cover that patch of skin for a few days – and try not to pick on the crust!

I find that it’s best to let them fall off by themselves and just apply a moisturizer to keep the surrounding skin hydrated.


This could happen – which is why it’s often best to test out a small patch of skin first before addressing a larger area. Antibiotic cream is often prescribed if an infection does occur.

Skin Color Changes

It could happen but it’s completely temporary. People with darker coloring can have lighter patches of skin on the target area or vice versa. Over time however, the skin goes back to its normal hue.

Eye Problem

Laser is a strong beam of light – staring at it can make you feel like you’ve been blinded for a few seconds. This is why protective covering is always worn by both the patient and the doctor.

As mentioned, all these side effects are temporary, common, and mild. However, there are instances when the side effect is a bit more serious.

For example, you might experience burns and blisters on the skin surface. If not treated properly, it can also lead to scarring.

This is why I always encourage women to seek out experienced doctors to do the job. Make sure to find out their background and quiz them about their practices before opting for any procedure.

Final Word

Would I recommend that you undergo laser hair removal? With the right practitioner to perform the job, it’s a definite yes. There’s something about a smooth patch of skin that just makes me feel more feminine.

If you’re unsure, start with just a small area like your underarms and never worry about wearing sleeveless clothes ever again.

Why Hiring An Office Cleaning Company Is A Must

Nobody likes a dirty office. I personally can’t work when it’s dusty, dingy, and unorganized everywhere. Research has also shown that an untidy office can lead to lower productivity levels which greatly affects how a business makes a profit. However, tidying up yourself is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have to do it every other day.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaning Provider

Hiring commercial cleaning in Moonee Ponds area may be one of the simplest yet best things you can ever do for your company. Here is why:

1. Boosts productivity

As mentioned earlier, a clean office can boost productivity. Why? It’s because it helps your mind feel clean. Just imagine having an overflowing trash can beside your cubicle, a bunch of scrap papers on the side of your desk, and a few unarranged seats, scattered around the office.

All the clutter and disorganization will prevent your mind from thinking clearly. It might even give you a hard time knowing where relevant office materials and equipment are if they are not organized properly.

A commercial cleaning company can help you declutter your mind by arranging all office supplies and equipment just before you arrive.

2. Keeps morale high

When the place is clean, you will notice that people are friendlier and more approachable. Suddenly, your boss is not hammering you about an email sent a month ago or a deliverable that was already cancelled.

To add to that, a clean office makes people feel that the management cares for their well-being. This small gesture goes a long way when it comes to creating culture in your company.

3. Saves money

It sounds like an added expense but if you think about the hours you have to spend asking each employee to clean twice a week, that’s also a lot of money. While you can always require each employee to clean their own workspace, you can hardly require them to do the same for common areas. Let’s be practical, asking a manager to spend an hour cleaning is a waste of their valuable time and your company’s money.

4. Regularly done

Another reason why hiring an outsourced office cleaning company is better is it can be regularly done. Depending on your contract, the cleaning company can work there every day or go there once or twice a week to do major cleaning.

At least with someone paid to do it, your office will be regularly cleaned. You no longer have to remind everyone every single time.

5. Hassle-free

Do you want to clean every day? I don’t. Surely, I am not the only one who feels the same way. With a cleaning company, you don’t have to think (and hate) about cleaning.

With a cleaning company, it’s like a huge chore will be lifted from each employee’s shoulders. Aside from it not being their primary function, employees are not trained to clean certain stains, scratches, and the like. Figuring out how to tidy up a place will just be a hassle for everyone.

6. Gives a great first impression

Lastly, the advantage of having a hired office cleaning company is you can always make a good first impression. If an unexpected visitor drops by, you won’t be worried that the chairs are not arranged or the trash from yesterday wasn’t thrown out.

When your office is always clean and polished, visitors, suppliers, and investors will be impressed by how you take maintaining your company seriously. You have no idea how big an effect this can be in their impression of you.

Hopefully, these 6 reasons are sufficient to convince you that your company badly needs a cleaning outsource. Sure, it sounds expensive at first but when you think about the benefits, consider the cost balanced out.

And if you will notice, these benefits aren’t just limited to cost savings. They are also plus points to your company culture and initiatives.

Perform Pilates With The Use of Reformer Machine

If you’re looking for ways to improve the way you accomplish your Pilates exercises or you simply want to add a notch to your already-formidable fitness programme, believe me when I say you’ll be better off with a Pilates reformer machine than any other special apparatus you can find.

These machines have become indispensable among Pilates practitioners and aficionados alike such that every other gym I’ve been to already has a reformer machine or two on the floor. It just goes to show how such fitness equipment are helping people improve their physical strength, posture, and flexibility while enhancing their mental awareness.

Pilates is a unique system that is poorly understood by many individuals, especially those who think of it as nothing more than an active form of Yoga. But aside from the mental awareness that these exercises provide, Pilates can do so much more. And these can be enhanced with the use of a Pilates reformer machine.

At first I was doubtful as to how such a machine could help me improve my own Pilates routine. But you only need to try one at your favourite gym and I can guarantee you’ll feel the immediate impact of using such an equipment that you’ll be buying Pilates reformer machine in Australia right after your session.

The Pilates reformer can come in a variety of forms, although it usually has a moving platform or carriage on a bed-like frame. The carriage is typically connected to a couple of strings or high-tension cords that provide resistance while you try to slide the carriage along the frame.

There are a variety of contraptions, too, such as a foot bar that can be used to move the carriage, like an anchor of some sort. There can also be straps with handles that function more like resistance bands. There are contraptions that can provide varying levels of resistance that will help strengthen and tone up targeted muscles.

One great thing about reformer machines is the versatility they provide while you go through the gamut of Pilates poses.  Majority of the Pilates exercises you can perform on a reformer machine have something to do with either pulling or pushing the carriage or even trying to hold the carriage steady while it is being pulled by the cables.

One can easily perform exercises lying down, standing, sitting, perched on the accompanying shoulder blocks, pushing against the foot bar, pulling on the straps, or even lying on one’s tummy or side. The exercise variations are simply limitless so you’ll get the most out of your Pilates fitness regimen.

These exercises can lead to increased muscle strength, better coordination, improved balance, and enhanced flexibility while also giving you substantial improvements in your daily life. For starters, I can honestly say that I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my posture ever since I’ve started on these machines.

For many of my friends, they also report more efficient and graceful movements. But if there is one thing that all of us can agree on, it’s that Pilates reformer machines have become instrumental in relieving back pain that we all suffer from.

This is achieved by strengthening the core muscles which involves the muscles of the lower back. Since flexibility is one of the goals of Pilates, having it on the reformer machine also allowed us to optimise the range of motion of our joints, freeing us from the usual pain that accompany limited physical mobility.

You can always rely on your Pilates mat, of course. But if you really want to make the most of what the Pilates system has to offer, there’s no better way to do it than with a Pilates reformer machine.

How Playing Indoor Futsal Can Prepare You for the Big League

I’ve always admire women pro footballers. They’re intense and have that unique footballer persona that I know many of us would want to imbibe. But before I can even start dreaming of getting a shot to be included in the team for future AFC Women’s Asian Cup tournaments or even the FA Women’s World Cup, I have to start with the basics. That’s when I got introduced to the game of indoor soccer or futsal. Professional footballers shared with me their secret; whenever it’s the off-season, they always play indoor futsal. Here’s how playing indoor soccer can prepare you for the big league.

It improves decision-making skills.

One of the least-obvious yet most important benefits of playing futsal is its ability to improve one’s decision-making skills. Every team sport relies on the ability of players to make sharp and lightning-quick decisions that can spell success for the team or contribute to its failure. Since indoor soccer only involves 10 players, 5 from each side with 4 on the ‘field’ and a goalie, you’ll get to practice making really quick decisions. Opponents can easily swarm you so you’ve got to decide whether to pass the ball or to keep on dribbling and defending it with all you can. The ability to make decisions is crucial to the game of association football. Harnessing it while in a smaller playing field should help you better prepare for the national stage.

It strengthens the leg for kicking.

The ball used in indoor futsal is generally heavier than the ball used in association football. This is because the bladder of the ball is usually filled with foam, making it denser and heavier. It also has less bounce so that it will not be flying through the roof of a covered futsal court when it hits the floor. Because of this heft in the indoor futsal ball, the muscles of the legs will have to work harder to dribble and kick the ball towards the net. You can almost see the implications of strengthening the legs when you’re already outdoors. I have always been fascinated by pro footballers fully capable of kicking the football just beyond the penalty arc and watch it fly in an elegant parabola across the halfway line before landing in the penalty area at the other end of the field. Now I know how they prepared for such a feat.

It enhances individual skills.

Association football is a team sport. However, we really cannot deny that individual skills also matter. That’s where your strikers and defenders come from. Now you can be both, of course. But wouldn’t it be a lot better if you exceled in one first before you move on to the next? This is one of the most amazing things about playing futsal. Since you’re essentially playing with 3 other members of your team (with the 4th guarding the goal), you’ll have to push yourself to become more creative because it will be quite impossible to rely on your teammates (they’re being heavily guarded, too, you know?).

It builds confidence in going one-on-one.

Most of the time, you’ll be playing one-on-one. Playing futsal is the best time to hone your skills in getting away from your defender. And if you happen to be the defender, it’s the perfect opportunity to sharpen your competence at ball tackling without incurring penalties. Over time, you’ll build greater self-confidence, helping you prepare for the big league. Trust me, I know.

Playing futsal may seem like child’s play for some. But ask any pro footballer and they can tell you straight in the eye that a game of futsal is an excellent prep work for the big league.

Getting My Hair Done for Melbourne Spring Racing Festival

The Melbourne Spring Racing Festival has long been one of the most anticipated yearly events in Australia. Racing fans from all over the world come to experience the excitement and fun.


Seeing the world’s celebrities in their elaborate attires is an experience that can only be experienced during the spring racing festival in Melbourne. All races are scheduled Saturdays and Sundays. I am neither a movie star nor a celebrity but then, just being in Melbourne during the festivities is one great reason that I should enjoy it.


My best friend explained to me about the dress code that is being enforced during the festival. My best friend told me I have to wear something decent, which means no plunging neckline, no mini skirt, and the attire must not expose the midriff. According to her, there was a time when celebrities would come to the race scantily clad and leave almost nothing to the imagination. To the organizers, this showed disrespect to tradition and since then, a strict dress code was implemented.


Our first mission was to look for a dress that meets the racing organizers’ standards. It is my first time to be there and I do not want to be denied entry just because I want to show off wide patches of my translucent and lovely skin.


Of course, the shops were alive with ladies of all ages looking for a dress that will knock out everyone. My friend told me that we need to be properly dressed for the events that we would attend. I was thinking about the price but I told myself, why not splurge just once in your life? And I know I deserve to have fun after months of trying to straighten the books of our sister company in Australia.


I was stunned by the elegance of the gowns that were presented to us. They are really worth the sky-high prices.


For this occasion, I chose a white gown, which I believe will make me stand out among the other women under the sunshine.  So, I decided on a white midi dress.


Our next task is to choose the best hairstyle for the day. I have long black curly hair and I always wear it loose. I was excited about having a hairdresser work on my hair. My friend took me to Hairdressers in Melbourne CBD.


I was introduced to one of the hairdressers who was excited to work on my tresses. I was presented with several hairstyles, though, but they all looked great that I told the hairdresser to be the one to decide which will look good on me. We agreed on the bouncy curls style. We set an early morning appointment so that we will not be late in arriving to the races.


I can say that the hairdresser did wonders to my hair. My curly mane now falls down my shoulder in bouncy curls. With my black tresses falling down my back, my white dress seems to radiate a snow-white halo around me.


Even my friend was astounded by my transformation. I seldom wear makeup and if I did, it was very light that my mom told me I am wasting money on makeup because no one can really see it. I have been wearing my hair loose and this was the first time that I paid a hairdresser to do my hair for me. But I did not regret it. With my white dress and bouncy curls, I was aiming to make a few heads turn during the festival.


When we arrived, I seemed drowned in a sea of lovely gowns of all colors and styles and bobbing feathered hats as the spring breeze blows gently. I was happy that I invested in my dress and hairstyle; otherwise, I would have looked like a wilted flower amidst all the lovely roses.


I succeeded in making some heads turn and receiving hundreds of praises for my classic beauty. A few women asked who did my lovely curls. Of course, I did not hesitate to tell them and I foresee a busy future for the hairdresser who did my hair.


We took a lot of photos and I am sure my mom would never recognize her little girl in the crowd. I felt like I own the world that day. When we went home, my friend commented on how I was transformed.


Thanks for that hairdresser who did my hair. I realized how those curls have changed my looks. Perhaps, I will have my hair done this way the next time I attend an event as grand as the Melbourne Spring Racing Festival.

How I Got Rid of My Tech Neck

It seems that pain comes with aging. As I was approaching my 45th birthday, I experienced pain on my neck. At first, it was just a slight throb but when then started to give me sleepless nights and interfered with my work, I began to worry. But then I reminded myself this could not be life-threatening. Actually, there were no visible signs of what was causing the problem. Since there were days that my neck did not bother me, I considered it just part of my getting old.

Trial and Error Solutions

Thinking that rubbing liniment on my neck can cause the pain, I tried all kinds with the hope of getting relief. I even resorted to herbal medicine but to no avail. Even massaging the area had no effect anymore. During the last months that I was searching for a cure for my neck pain, I could no longer count with my fingers the oils and liniments I used and the pills supposed to give pain relief. But there was never a long-lasting cure. I get a few nights of uninterrupted sleep but not for weeks or months.

A Twist of Fate

One day, I visited a friend in Footscray, Victoria for a few days. On my second day with her, she asked me why she caught me several times moving my neck from side to side. I told her about my neck pain. She then told me about the Physio in Footscray and how it specializes in dealing with body pains, including neck pains. I was a little bit skeptical about going to a physiotherapist. I never had any injury on my neck that I could remember. I believe this was just an ordinary pain. Besides, I have this belief that therapy programs are expensive and several sessions are needed before one can get results. But my friend would not listen to my excuses. In the end, I found myself sitting in the waiting room of Footscray Clinic.

The Truth About My Neck

When I was called to the examination room, I was confident that there is nothing serious with my affliction. The doctor asked a lot of questions about previous injuries and about my job. I told him that I am a writer and I usually spend my waking hours in front of my computer. The doctor’s eyes lit up but when I told him I have been writing for almost half of my 45 years on earth, he looked worried. He told me that actually, I am suffering from a Tech Neck, or neck pain caused by maintaining a certain position while staring on one’s mobile phone screen or on the monitor of one’s computer.

Unbelievable But True

The doctor explained to me that looking down on my computer’s monitor might have caused the pain. According to him, as I strain my neck to look down on my computer screen. The unnatural angle I adapted can strain the muscles and give me pain. I realized what he said was true with regards to my looking down on my screen for long periods. I usually work for hours without taking a break because doing so might disrupt my train of thought and I would forget what to write next. I had been doing this for years but why is it that I got the problem just several months ago?

The doctor explained that this prolonged position has affected my cervical spine or neck. It might have curved down after long years of looking down and because of this, it might be difficult to remedy. The pain will become more intense as days pass by.

What I Must Do

The doctor advised me to undergo therapy at the clinic. I told him I’ll think it over first. I did some research on the danger of having tech neck for long and the prospect seems grim. If left untreated, it can result to shrinking of the discs on the spine. When space is almost closed, the pressure causes the pain. Other signs of this condition are the pain on the shoulders, headache, and painful and trembling hands. 

A Decision Made

I spent the remaining days of my visit with my friend thinking about what the doctor said. I realized that I was not prepared for a lifetime of pain so the next day, I talked it over with my friend. Well, I never had a real vacation all my working life because wherever I go, I always have my laptop with me. Maybe this is the time for me to have the rest I denied myself for so many years.

The doctor told me that because my case is not yet advanced, it might take fewer therapy sessions to remedy it. True to his word, the pain was almost gone after a few weeks. Now I bought a laptop table and chair that gives me a good view of the screen without looking down. Indeed, that visit to Footscray, Victoria, was a blessing.

Attending Drum Lessons Made my Life Better

Being in school is both fun and stressful. It is fun to attend classes because I get to learn new things. There are also different organizations and activities that I can join to and at the same time make friends with other students. Generally, it is a great idea to go to school during weekdays because it means discovering new things and people that all contributes to the development and molding of myself as a person. On the other hand, it is also stressful to be at school because the many school assignment, projects, exams and other academic responsibilities can be so draining at times. This is especially true when all of the subjects announce their deadlines of academic requirements. These are the reasons why I decided to look for other ways of helping my mind and body cope to stress. I want to relieve myself of stress so I can still enjoy the fun things at school while being able to satisfy the academic requirements without getting irritable and too stressed. I was in this state when I received a brochure about a school that offer drum lessons. One of the lines in the brochure says about the life benefits of playing drums

I read the brochure and found out that the school that offer the drum lessons is just a few blocks away from our house. I read further and learned that it won’t cost me that much but the benefits are more than what I will pay for. The fact that there will be long term life benefits has made me more convinced to try the lessons. When I was a little kid, I was able to experience one session of drum lesson with the other small girls in our neighborhood back in our first residential house. However, I was not able to attend more lessons because we had to move to where we are living now. Memories of me happily hitting the drum poured suddenly. So I immediately contacted the school that offer the drum lessons. I expressed interest in availing the lessons and would be happy to start immediately. I was told to go to their building the next day so I can be introduced to the students who were already taking lessons for days or weeks. I was so excited when I learned that I can start that soon. 

During my first day of taking drum lessons, I was introduced to a group of people who have the same age as me. Many of them are also females like me. There are also males and there are some who are a little younger or a little older than me. I can say that it was the best drum lessons I’ve ever had because I got to meet new people who also have a lot of interests that are similar with mine. I was happy when we got to introduce ourselves one by one because it was when I got to know basic information about them. As I attend more lessons, I was able to deepen my relationship and understanding of the other students in the drum school. But aside from the camaraderie and friendship, we all enjoy the lessons more whenever we are instructed to hit the drums and whenever we are told to follow instructions to achieve certain beats and rhythms. It was such a pure joy and precious moment to see the other students who are now also my friends enjoying every hit they do no the drums. The smiles in their lips and eyes are just priceless. It was like we are driving away the bad energies in our bodies including the stress and just inviting the positive vibes that make us very happy and relaxed.       

I can definitely say that attending drum lessons has greatly helped in making my life far better now. Because of the lessons I learned, I was able to cope with the stressful days at school. The actual of drums itself is helping me to release the stresses, which is great because I am able to handle stressful situations without getting too irritated and moody. The regular playing of drums has developed my patience and understanding of everything I do particularly the stressful and challenging ones. I became more patient and, thus, able to complete every task particularly those at school. 

Lastly, one of the long term benefits of attending drum lessons is the new friends I gain at the drum school. They are now the new friends that help me in the things I do at school and in life.

How Yoga Helps Reduce Stress in Your Life

No matter what everyone says, living a stressful life is not necessary. Your friends may say that this is normal, that they are all having the same struggles with the demands of life. However, continually being in a tense state can take its toll on your body particularly health and is also not good for your state of mind.

This is not the kind of life I choose to live. Much like my friends, I thought stress was just a part of life. However, when I started to feel tense all the time and worried about every tiny thing, I wondered if that was still normal. I would toss and turn in bed every night, unable to fall asleep and wake up just as exhausted. I was also grumpy and every little thing would get me upset. I wanted to get away from it all because even a few days off were just not enough to recover.

I finally decided that I needed to do something more proactive about achieving the quality of life I wanted. The day-to-day struggles are normal, but I couldn’t anymore leave them behind. I decided to try out yoga to fight stress. I was convinced that this practice will help me tune out and relax better. I quickly searched around for a place that offers yoga classes and enrolled myself immediately.

To prepare myself for my first class, I did a bit of research to know what to expect. I knew so far that we would be doing poses, breathing and relaxation exercises that would help me reduce my stress levels, lower my heart rate and blood pressure. The fact that anyone could do it was also very encouraging. I was not a very athletic person, but as there are poses perfect for beginners like me, I did not feel pressured to do more than I am physically able to. 

There are many different styles of yoga, and for people who look to manage stress, Hatha yoga is the perfect choice. It is quite common and is a bit slow-paced and easier, perfect for beginners like me. Not only will you feel less tense, but you will find a more positive approach to life and be able to handle situations better.

In order to enjoy the benefits of yoga, it requires the combination of the following:

  1. Postures 

Also called asanas, these poses release tension and negativity from your body. There are specific postures that are great for this purpose, the Bow Pose, Fish Pose, and One-legged Forward Bend being among them. It is, however, important to lie down in Yoga Nidra position to relax your mind and body for a few minutes and allow toxins to be flushed out of your system.

  1. Breathing Techniques 

Also called pranayamas, there are also various practices that you can try like Alternate Nostril Breathing (where you exhale longer than inhale) that are perfect for relieving yourself of tension. Moreover, focusing on each breath frees your mind of unnecessary thoughts that make you worry.

  1. Meditation

In order to relax your mind, try to meditate. Not only does it make you feel calmer and at peace, you can understand and later on control how your mind works and reacts in certain situations. You can later on “train” your brain not to get anxious and stressed so quickly.

  1. Yoga Philosophy

Applying the principles of yoga can help achieve a happier, balanced and healthier life. For example, the Santosha principle will teach you to become more content. The Aprigraha principle, on the other hand, will help you overcome the desire to have it all. This can, in turn, lessen the stress of working hard to earn enough and even comparing yourself to others.

It is the whole combination of these four factors that makes yoga popular to people who are sick and tired of being in a rat race. Life is short, after all, to always be pressured and worse, unhappy. I am glad to have finally taken control and made the decision to do something about it. Yoga was the way for me to do a complete change in my life, from being a victim of stress to being happier and healthier. 

Treating Body Pain through Dry Needling

Severe or chronic muscle pain leads us to take in heaps of painkillers which may hurt our kidneys and cause other side effects in the long run. Not many people know that there is now a safer natural method to relieve pain, and that is Dry Needling (also known as Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling). 

Dry needling is different from acupuncture, although the two share similar principles. The latter is an ancient Chinese practice and effective for treating maladies like hormonal imbalance, fertility, and immune system problems. The former is a Western adaptation that targets the muscles. 

As soon as I discovered the benefits of dry needling, I searched for a reliable physio in Werribee. Playing sports is a big thing here in Australia. To add, Australian women live active lifestyles. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of torn or overstretched muscles because of work or leisure activities. While pain medicines work, I rather want a natural method. Seeking the help of a good physiotherapist was the best decision I made so far. Dry needling, along with other therapy treatments, works out perfectly fine with me. If you want to learn more about this treatment, read on.

You may be scared with the thought of having needles inserted into various parts of your body. That’s fine since I was afraid at first, too. Perhaps, you are thinking of the kind of needles we commonly use in sewing fabrics. The needles used in the dry needling method, though, are filiform or thread-like. It’s also possible that your physiotherapist uses hollow-core hypodermic needles when treating muscle pain Physiotherapists identify the trigger points that cause pain to a group of muscles. Specifically, trigger points are a few tight bands of skeletal muscles found within a bigger muscle group. These are sensitive, tender, and cannot be manually touched by the therapists (hence the use of needles). A slight touch to trigger points can already cause or alleviate muscle pain to other areas. It is called a “trigger” point because of its cascading effect. 

Physiotherapists are professionals and highly trained. You have nothing to worry about mishaps unless you landed a hoaxer or unlicensed therapist. But under normal circumstances, physiotherapists studied the human anatomy as intensively as possible. Otherwise, they would not be certified and licensed. 

Firstly, your therapist will conduct an interview and assessment during the consultation. The disclosure of facts and insights is important in identifying the problem area. Following the assessment is the drafting of the treatment plan. Physiotherapists always tailor the program to the specific needs of the patient since different people have different thresholds, concerns, and preferences. Then, the actual procedure, the pricking of “dry needles” in the specific trigger points follows. 

As part of the safety protocol, therapists normally wear the appropriate personal protective equipment like gloves. The needles, of course, are sterilized and properly disposed of. 

Dry needling actually stimulates the underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues. 

You may ask, what are the benefits of dry needling?

Physiotherapists can actually trigger release or inactivation of trigger points in order to help alleviate the pain or improve mobility. Research has shown that dry needling is effective in managing pain, reducing muscle tension, and stabilizing motor dysfunctions. The treatment also expedites a patient’s recovery to active rehabilitation. If you have sons and daughters suffering muscle pain due to sports injury, you may let them try dry needling.

Specifically, dry needling is effective in treating myofascial pain syndrome, which includes pain that results from muscular irritation. Your upper back muscles are prone to the myofascial pain that stemmed from sensitive trigger points. Suffice it to say, controlling these trigger points is the aim of your physiotherapist. The weakness of muscles and repetitive motions are some of the root causes of these kinds of pain.

If you still have further queries and concerns, it’s always best to talk to a professional physiotherapist. You may ask a few friends who had prior experience in the treatment to give you recommendations. Just remember that dry needling is only part and parcel of a bigger treatment plan. You may avail other treatments or routines as well. I preferred to have the massages and yoga as additional routines. The decision is yours to make, though. I am just glad that I did not have to drink several medicines for pain management. At my clinic also, I was taught how to live a healthier lifestyle to aid in pain management. Sometimes, muscle pains are brought about by improper execution or poor posture, or by too much consumption of trans fats, processed foods, eggs, and alcohol. 

Seek the nearest physio clinic near you. In Werribee, there are several of them. Find one that suits your style, and enjoy a pain-free life.

There are many more interesting and helpful articles to read when you click here. Learning new things related to good health is always an advantage. So, read more and be inspired.

6 Effective and Safe Physical Exercises for People Over 50

exercises for 50's

Staying healthy and physically fit is something that everyone needs to achieve throughout the course of their lifespan. From the moment you were able to learn how to crawl, stand up, walk, and run until the time that you will be using a cane or even a walker to support you in your mobility, there are simply some things that you can do to keep your body in tip-top shape appropriate for its age. Unfortunately, for many individuals who are already at the half century mark in their lives, keeping fit and staying healthy might be a little bit more challenging than it used to.

You have to understand that as you grow older, the different tissues in your body are no longer that tensile, no longer that elastic, and no longer that resilient as it used to be when you were still in your teens and 20s. Add to this the possible existence of cardiovascular, metabolic, and neuroendocrine disorders that may affect your ability to stay healthy. However, optimum nutrition and the appropriate exercises are needed for every age group. The key for those individuals who are already beyond the half century mark is to identify what physical exercises will best benefit them given their declining physiology.

Here are 6 very simple and truly enjoyable physical exercises that any individual beyond 50 years of age can safely perform. As always, it is best to seek the opinion of your medical doctor if you can perform any of these exercises.


By far the easiest and most practical way to keep fit, walking can also be enjoyable especially if you are going to take a walk with your loved one. However, you may need to either pick up the pace or walk for significantly longer distances every time you set out. A nice goal will to walk at a 5 mph pace, gradually increasing it to tolerable levels. Walking is excellent for cardiovascular endurance. Because the exertion is not that intense, it should not burden your heart so much even if you have a cardiac problem. However, it is always best to seek your doctor’s advice if you have a cardiac problem.

Tai Chi and Qigong

A Mayo Clinic study revealed that fall injuries account for more than 35 percent of all injuries experienced by individuals aged 65 and above. And while you may still be in your 50s, do not underestimate the need for balance. This is the essence of Tai Chi and Qigong. Many refer to them as one and the same. However, Tai Chi is more inclined to movements necessary to train in the martial arts. Qigong, on the other hand, has movements that are designed primarily for healing. Unfortunately still, many Westerners simply look at one as essentially the same thing as the other. Nonetheless, the graceful movements of both Qigong and Tai Chi can be used to improve balance, enhance focus and concentration, develop stronger muscles, and stabilize mental wellness. The exercises helps individuals to relax, improve posture, and coordinate their mind and body.


One way to improve muscle strength while at the same time enhancing overall flexibility, economy of motion, and agility is to engage in Pilates. Originally intended to help dancers stay fit, Pilates has now a growing number of followers in the senior population because of its benefits in improving posture and the stabilization of the different joints of the body. Some studies have also reported Pilates as particularly effective in the alleviation of symptoms of certain chronic conditions such as low back pain.


Some call it meditation exercises. However, yoga is more than simple meditation. It teaches you to be more conscious of what your body is telling you. It involves stretching and relaxation intended to provide you with a calmer mind, a more physically fit body, and more relaxed. Yoga has been shown to improve cardiovascular functioning as well as improve the flow of air into the respiratory passages and the lungs.


Considered a much more intense form of cardiovascular endurance training, biking has the added advantage of maintaining optimum muscle tone in the lower legs as well as improved circulation. This can help prevent venous stasis that can significantly affect overall blood circulation. Additionally, since the leg muscles continue to be worked out, they are able to continue providing support and balance to the rest of the upper body.


Taking several laps on a swimming pool at least 30 minutes every single day should keep your heart staying healthy and fit. Additionally, your lungs will also be trained to expand with more air as you try to regulate your breathing. The muscles in your legs and your arms can be developed further and your swim movements make an excellent exercise for joint mobility.

Reaching the half century mark should not stop you from maintaining physical fitness, mental soundness, and emotional stability. However, it is often important to seek the advice of your primary care physician if you can perform the exercise that you want. If not, these 6 exercises listed here are generally safe.

Dying to Dye: From Blonde to Vibrant

dyeA huge portion of the global female population would want to be blonde, and spend money, effort and time just to get that light, golden colour. It’s not really common for a naturally blonde-haired girl to head to the best hair colourist in Melbourne CBD area to transform into a brunette, or a redhead. However, some girls are in for a challenging change and just want to add a more vibrant colour to their lives, literally or not. Sometimes, a little vibrancy can brighten up not just our crowning glories, but our personality and perspective. Sometimes, all you really need is a little change.


So, how do you add a splash of colour to your blonde mane?


Well, one might think that it’s as simple as buying your hair colour of choice, applying it to your tresses, rinse it, and wait. Actually, it’s a little bit more complicated than expected. Depending on the lightness and shade of your blonde hair, it can end up becoming green or some other weird colour without proper application and guidance. But, there is no need to worry. With this blonde hair colour guide, nothing can go wrong.


Dyeing Your Blonde Hair 


For people who have blonde hair, there would be a yellow base tone under the colour that can be seen. The cool tones in your hair are responsible for neutralizing this yellow and providing an ash blonde or golden blonde colour. These cool tones are essential, even for a shade of golden brown, as without these tones, the hair would just be a fluorescent colour of yellow from the base pigment.


So, to simply apply hair dye to blonde hair will be problematic. The dye would not take the yellow base of your hair into account.


For instance, brown hair should have a red or an orange base. Hair dyes in the shade of ash brown have green and blue pigments that can work with red tones, so when used after bleaching black hair, or to tone out mahogany or vibrant red colours to a darker shade, ash brown hair dye works fine. But, to a blonde, who does not have red or orange tones, this shade of dye can be overpowering and result in dark grey or worse, murky green hair.


So, for someone with blonde hair without any red tone, the use of ash dye can be a big mistake. This proves that simply choosing a dye can lead to a colour you did not expect when dyeing your blonde hair.


How to Avoid a Hair Colour Mistake


Anyone who wants to dye his or her hair should be careful in choosing what dye to use. Two easy ways to avoid unwanted mistakes are to fill your blonde hair and use a warmer shade.


When filling your blonde hair, be sure to pre-pigment it. Fill it with a gold or red tone to prepare it for the application of your colour of choice. With this, the necessary tone for the new hair colour is applied to your hair and you will achieve the correct colour.


You could also opt for a warmer shade of hair dye. With this method, however, the colour will be lighter and have less copper and red pigment than the actual hair colour you used.


Dyeing With a Warmer Shade


Aside from filling the hair with the appropriate tone, you could also use a warmer shade than the colour you desire. For example, you could use a natural brown dye if you want an ash brown colour. The natural brown dye has the extra red tones needed to achieve an ash brown colour if you are blonde.


If you want a cooler shade of brown, you could use a shade that is one tone warmer than the shade you are aiming for.


Mahogany and burgundy hair dyes are exception to this rule. These colours have red and violet tones that can result to more of a purple shade. The yellow tones in blonde hair can work with violet tones in such a way that shades are redder than how they are meant to be. If this is a problem, you could use a violet intensifier to your burgundy and mahogany colours, to intensify the purple shade.


Remember Hair Colouring Basics


Colouring your blonde hair also requires remembering the basics of hair colouring. General hair colouring tips include finding the right hue for your complexion, never treating your roots and your end the exact same way, applying the colour in small sections starting from the top and working your way to the sides, and proceeding to the back, combing your hair once done to ensure the colour is evenly distributed, keeping in mind that it is best to colour your hair when it has been washed 24 hour prior and rinsing out the colourant when you are done dyeing.


To Be Sure, Head to a Pro


Whether it’s your first time to dye your golden hair or not, it’s always advisable to go to an expert to have it done. Our locks are our crowning glory and we all want it to end up the way we visualized it. What are you waiting for? Get up and go to the best hair colourist in Melbourne CBD area and let them turn that blonde into va va voom!

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